Kam Moye (Supastition), Marco Polo & Illmind Go Studio Crashing

All it takes is a rapper, two producers, and a studio filled with all the toys that a musician could want to create the right atmosphere to... act a fool and go studio crashing. That's right folks, during their European tour last year, Kam Moye (aka Supastition) , Marco Polo and !llmind visited 58Beats in Munich, Germany to introduce German producer Glam to the fine art of studio crashing and how to do serious damage to the eardrums. In this session/tutorial, !llmind holds down the keyboard while Marco Polo stays in charge of the drums. Kam Moye shows off his prowess for production by playing around with a rock sample all the while keeping it funky as Glam looks on in amazement. Be sure to stay on the lookout for Kam Moye debut album, Splitting Image via MYX Music Label. The album will be in stores October 27, 2009.

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